Coronavirus has changed peoples' attitudes to carpooling.

Motorpoint, the UK's largest independent car retailer has conducted a survey that revealed that over a third of people asked are planning to stop car sharing once the coronavirus lockdown measures are fully lifted.

The web-based questionnaire found that 41.3 percent of 750 respondents now think that giving people a lift is a thing of the past.

Traffic is slowly starting to increase as lockdown measure slowly ease up. According to the RAC there's already been a 19 percent increase in the number of vehicles on the road between late March and early June.

"The results of our poll are clearly understandable given COVID-19 and definitely reflect the desire by people to maintain social distancing at all times when outside of their home, whether it’s travelling to work, visiting friends or simply popping to the shops for a loaf of bread and some milk," said Mark Carpenter, chief executive officer of Motorpoint.

Upscale private hire taxi driver with woman passenger

Motorpoint, which has branches all over the UK, has been providing home delivery on its entries stock list of more than 5,000 low mileage, nearly new cars and light commercial vehicles. It did, however re-open its branches on June 1 with new safeguarding measures in place such as social distancing, contactless vehicle collections, and unaccompanied test drives.