The Volkswagen Arteon is due for a refresh that’ll make its debut this week on June 24. A new teaser video, which forgoes the swooping, exaggerated sketches published earlier this month for the real thing, shows off a bit of the model’s new design, but keeps much of it hidden from view. However, the updated look isn’t a well-kept secret thanks to a VW reveal last week that shows off the Arteon estate with a raised suspension for China.

Like most refreshes, there won’t be expansive updates over the outgoing model. Instead, the Arteon will receive updated lighting elements, which borrow from the Golf’s LED light bar on the grille to connect the headlights. Inside, VW says it’ll receive its MIB3 infotainment system along with an advanced semi-autonomous driving system that can control several driving aspects – steering, accelerating, and braking – up to speeds of 130 miles per hour (210 kilometres per hour).

There’ll be a performance R variant, but it’s not clear if both the saloon and estate will receive the coveted badge. We also don’t know what’ll power the Arteon R. Rumours suggest VW will slip its turbocharged 2.0-litre from the Golf R under the bonnet, which makes 330 bhp (246 kilowatts) in the hot hatch. Other engines likely include a pair of turbocharged four-cylinder engines producing 184 bhp (137 kW) and 220 bhp (164 kW).

2021 VW Arteon teaser

We only have a few days until VW pulls the cover off both the Arteon saloon and estate. It’s unclear if we’ll see the full range of Arteon trims – VW may keep the hotter R models under wraps until later. It wouldn’t be the first time an automaker reveals the standard model before showing off the hotter performance version. There could also be a GTE-badged plug-in hybrid model that’s revealed, too, which VW announced in April would arrive this year. Check back later this week for all the details from the reveal.