The Mercedes-Benz GLE is definitely not lacking variety when it comes to the available trims and powertrains. In the United Kingdom alone, currently, it has four models on sale before entering the AMG territory and without counting the GLE Coupe derivatives. However, there’s nothing like the Hofele HGLE out there.

The tuning company has just unveiled its take on the mid-size SUV from the Stuttgart-based automaker and it’s a sight to behold. The two-tone exterior finish and the massive wheels in combination with the additional chrome trim make it look like a Maybach product, in the same vein as the Hofele Ultimate HGLS. The distinctive radiator grille at the front adds a nice individual touch to the otherwise stylish exterior.

The Ultimate HGLE’s interior is probably the most exciting thing to talk about as it has been completely reupholstered with fine Napa and Alcantara leathers, which cover basically every touchable part of the cabin. The luggage compartment, in turn, features a high gloss wood floor with aluminium trim - in our eyes, that’s not the most practical solution but that’s a different story.


With no Maybach GLE on the horizon, the HGLE could be the most opulent GLE money can buy today. And while there’s no official pricing available for the model yet, keep in mind that the stock GLE 400d starts at £70,000. The vehicle you see in the gallery above is also based on the GLE 450 and we expect it to cost towards the £100,000 mark.

Hofele says you’ll be able to order their tuning package for the entire GLE lineup, including the base 300d model in Europe and the range-topping GLE 63 AMG.