It’s the Corvette’s fault. Ever since Chevrolet pulled the trigger on building an honest-to-goodness Corvette with the engine behind the driver, it seems like everyone wants to know what other iconic cars look like with engine relocations. The latest crazy creation comes from Yasid Design on Instagram, and you can blame the Corvette again because, well, look at it.

There’s no other way to say it. If Bugatti and Chevrolet had hooked up at some early-1990s grunge rock afterparty, this could’ve been the result. In the Instagram post, the designer even confesses to having mixed feelings but honestly, we sort-of love it. That’s a totally indefensible opinion because honestly, we don’t know why this car has our attention. But it does, and that’s all that matters.

Gallery: Bugatti EB110 front engine renderings

Actually, maybe we do know why it catches the eye. Watching the YouTube video of the design process, it seemed a very natural evolution from Bugatti to Corvette. There weren’t overt Corvette design cues dropped into the mix. There wasn't a Corvette overlay with Bugatti aero pieces transferred over. The nose was stretched, the rear was sloped, details were added, and suddenly, it just happened. There is a very Corvette-esque arch to the rear quarter panels that isn’t part of the Bugatti EB110’s design language, and that could well be the defining feature of this creation. It's amazing how one curve can evoke such imagery.

Of course, when we say Corvette here, we’re talking about a period-correct C4 that exited the scene in 1996. As such, we’re left with a question that’s seriously burning a hole in our automotive enthusiast heart. If a stretched-out, front-engine Bugatti EB110 resembles a C4 Corvette, does that mean a squashed, mid-engine C4 would resemble a Bugatti EB110?

Are you listing rendering artists? We have your next project all lined up. Let’s see a mid-engine C4 come to life.