The modern Land Rover Defender isn't getting a pickup variant like the last one, but rendering artists continue to show us how such a machine would look. Here, spdesignsest takes the five-door 110 model and slices off the rear portion of the roof to create a truck with a teeny-tiny cargo bed.

The rendering largely leaves the Defender's exterior alone, except for the back. Spdesignsest makes the rear glass rather large. The artist maintains the swing-out door at the back for accessing the cargo area. 

The functionality here is fairly limited. The cargo bed only measures a few feet long, which would put a limit on how much a person could haul back there. An owner certainly isn't carrying home a sheet of drywall or plywood with this setup.


Land Rover says that a Defender pickup is technically possible on the model's D7x platform. However, the company doesn't believe the vehicle makes business sense for the brand because the automaker doesn't have enough understanding of the commercial pickup truck market.

Land Rover reportedly intends to expand the Defender lineup by offering an even larger 130 model. The additional space would reportedly allow for an extra row of seats to increase the passenger capacity.

Spy shots also show that a V8-powered version of the 110 is currently under development. Registration info suggests that it uses a 5.0-litre V8, which is likely Land Rover's supercharged unit that it uses in other models.