EV Dave takes us along in his for a trip to his first autocross event in 2020. It's neat to see the account of the trip, the Model 3's performance on the autocross course, and the other cars as well.

We know electric cars are quick off the line. This applies to just about every battery-electric vehicle on the market today. For some, that's where the dynamic performance ends, meaning they're heavy, not very agile, weak at highway speeds, etc. However, for other EVs, overall performance is solid, if not spectacular. As time goes on, it seems more of the EVs that come to market are solid overall performers.

Few will argue that Tesla's lineup has proven electric cars can out-accelerate even the fastest of cars, at least in shorter, straight-line battles. The cars ride and handle well, too, but not like a Porsche or Miata. However, the Tesla Model 3 Performance has worked to change that.

The Model 3 is sort of a smaller and more agile Model S. It also has Track Mode, which isn't found on Tesla's flagship cars. 

We recently met EV Dave when he was a visitor at the Out of Spec Motoring track in North Carolina, and talked on our podcast. The guys were all together track testing the Model 3 Performance that will head to Pike's Peak to attempt to beat the hill climb record.

At any rate, check out the short video above for some Tesla Model 3 autocross fun. Can it beat a McLaren?