Unless you're 1980s one-hit wonder Corey Hart you probably don't have much need to wear sunglasses at night. But if you cover a vehicle in 300 LED headlight bulbs and turn them all on, then it might be helpful to have some shades handy. A new video from Garage 54 proves this hypothesis to be true. 

The process of mounting the headlights involves drilling holes all over the Lada's exterior, fitting the lights, and then wiring them all together. With a whole team for assistance, this isn't actually too difficult of an undertaking. With the work done, it's time to go for a drive at night.

One problem with covering your car in ultra-bright LED headlight bulbs is that the glare makes seeing out of the windscreen very difficult because of glare. The driver puts on sunglasses, but they don't seem to help very much. It still takes a while for his eyes to adjust to the brightness.

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Each of these LED bulbs has its own fan to dissipate heat. In normal applications, this isn't an issue, but venting so many of them into the cabin causes the temperature to increase quickly in the vehicle. 

Using a drone to film the car makes it look like white blob in the darkness. The lights are so bright that you can't even discern the edges of the car from above. From ground level, the illumination reflects off the body and gives the vehicle a blue-ish tinge.

If this video gets 250,000 likes, Garage 54 will make this project even wilder. They'll turn on all the bulbs, lift the car with a crane, and dump the machine in a lake. The lights will illuminate the water and will possibly make it possible to see the fish swimming around.