In the latest episode of Fully Charged, Robert Llewellyn presents his increasingly complex home electric system and checks out whether a power cut will disturb the power supply.

Currently, the system consists of a three-phase grid connection (done using an electric mini excavator), solar installation, two Tesla Powerwalls (one since four years ago and a second one added in 2019), EV charging stations and a new bi-directional Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charger (not yet in use).

As we can see in the powercut test (around 3:00), the system allows for uninterrupted power supply, even if the connection from the grid is disconnected and there is no solar generation (night). If only the batteries were charged, they will take all the tasks in a matter of a blink of an eye.

The newest part of the system is an experimental V2G, CHAdeMO DC fast charger. It can act as a charger and provide some decent power to the CHAdeMO-compatible car, or act as an inverter and use energy from the vehicle to power the home.

Since Robert's 10-years old LEAF is not enabled for the V2G, he needs to wait for the newer version, used by Fully Charged's crew, to fully test the capabilities of powering the home from the car. We expect an episode about it later this year.