To the surprise of no one, BMW’s release of the new 4 Series Coupe has opened the floodgates to a multitude of renderings. Some are trying to see into the future by imagining the M4 or the convertible, while others are attempting to revive the normal size of the kidney grille its predecessor had. This one from X-Tomi Design travels further back in time, specifically to the year 1998.

What happened some 22 years ago? That’s when the Z3 Coupe was revealed with its shooting brake silhouette. Chances are that’s what X-Tomi Design had in mind when he imagined the long-roof 4 Series by attempting to revive the spirit of the E36/8 Z3, resurrected here in M Performance guise. As nice as the M440i-based rendering might be, the chances of ever happening in real life are slim to none.

Shooting brakes are few and far between these days, and even when a new one is announced, it’s typically an ultra-expensive Zagato creation based on an Aston Martin. A quick look at BMW’s portfolio reveals there’s no room for a two-door estate considering the company has the 3 Series Touring and the 4 Series Gran Coupe liftback.

That said, the adjacent design exercise is a compelling “what if” rendering and a nice change of pace from all the talk about the inflated kidneys BMW has bestowed upon the new 4 Series. We’re hoping X-Tomi Design will eventually come up with a rendering of the rear end to see how the more practical take on the luxury coupe would look from behind in shooting brake form.