Do you like driving large and powerful SUVs, but also want the wind in your hair driving experience of a convertible? Well dream no more, because designer Nicolas Cavero rendered the perfect vehicle for you, welcome to the G63 AMG Cabriolet.

Although this dream machine is only a render, it looks ready for production for those brave enough to attempt such a wild build. The G-Class may have a reputation for being a hard-topped mall crawler for the ultra-rich, but the G-Class actually has a rich history of convertible variants that time simply forgot.

A convertible SUV is the ultimate immersive off-road machine allowing to tackle difficult terrain while experiencing the journey. Take for example the soft-top Jeep Wrangler which continues to captive customers. In modern times Mercedes produced the G500 Cabriolet and more recently the Maybach G-Class G650 Landaulet. Both of these unique machines are surprisingly expensive running multiple times the price of their more common hardtop cousins. It seems G-Class customers are willing to pay three times for a less refined driving experience.


This profit centre of G-Class excellence means the render we’re featuring today is actually a potential money-making machine if Mercedes decided to build it. The G63 featured on the render is more of a niche toy for a customer who most likely owns numerous other vehicles. This means that removing the roof simply adds an additional layer of occasion to the driving experience. This is great for driving off-road or to the mall in Southern California basking in the sun.

Mercedes has a tradition of creating unique G-Class trims over the life span of the vehicle. We expect several unique offerings a convertible included. Here’s to hoping it looks just like Nicolas’s render.