Elon Musk hasn’t just set a goal to make all cars super technologically advanced and electric. He’s also shooting for the stars with the goal of colonising other planets, but as this set of renderings tries to suggest, he can do both at the same time.

This six-wheeled Tesla Cybertruck moon rover is oh-so cool. It just looks so fitting on the lunar surface, with its weird wheels, satellite dish in the bed and subtle SpaceX and U.S. flag stickers.

In fact, it’s such a good fit that we wonder if Tesla didn’t envision the Cybertruck precisely for this role. It certainly looks better on the Moon than it does stuck in a traffic jam on your local motorway, although this is a subjective thing to say, I know.

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck Six-Wheeler Moon Rover

The artist who created this set of images (@charlieautomotiv on Instagram, show him some love if you like his work) really went to great lengths to make everything believable. I especially like the neat tyres that are made up of individual sections that move around a rigid frame - this would not only help with shock absorption but also allow for quick and easy repairs if anything damaged the wheels (you could just replace each individual part with a spare and just keep going); it's details like this that make this set of images shine.