Well, this is more thrilling than expected.

Are traditional motorsports feeling a bit stale? Tired of the same winners, uninspired commentary, and lackluster tracks? There’s a new form of motorsport that has hit the internet – and it’s way more thrilling to watch than it has any right to be.

It’s called the 3DBotMaker Diecast Racing League, and it’s exactly what you think it is – diecast cars duking it out on the plastic. But the channel is more than just toys as the creators go all-in with an absurdly and disproportionately high production level – multiple cameras, superb graphics packages, and so much more.

Watch the video above, the nail-biting conclusion to the Ferrari Diescat Racing Tournament, and you can see the creators working hard to make you care about the cars and their imaginary drivers. The announcers – whose on-air bickering conjures up memories of MXC on Spike TV – give agency to the cars and their pilots. The drivers have names, teams, and storylines that play out over the races. Listening to the commentary and background sound effects, and you’d think you were watching the real thing.

The announcers also provide racing analysis, commentating on spin-outs, wrecks, or other on-track disasters. Before the race starts, though, the announcers introduce the cars and their attributes, like their weight, which is measured in grams. There’s a rundown of the drivers and teams before recapping previous races in the series. Is the series 100-percent serious all the time? No, The Ferrari tournament above features a "Ferrari" Fiero going wheel-to-wheel against the Ferrari F40, the Ferrari 348, and the Ferrari FF.

The channel also features a rally championship called DRC – Diecast Rally Championship (above). It uses a different track layout with a jump at the finish line. And, unlike the other track, only features two cars racing at once. The channel is packed with excellent diecast car content, and there is a growing community, too. Merchandise is available, and there’s even a Facebook group. NASCAR better watch out.