The BMW X5 was an iconic and important car for the Munich-based automaker. It's the first SUV from the marque, signifying its entry into the competitive high-riding luxury segment that has been proven to be a cash cow for automotive companies recently.

The X5 made its debut in 1999 and since its launch, BMW has already sold more than two million units of the SAV or Sports Activity Vehicle, a moniker dubbed by the brand to highlight both its on- and off-road performance.

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But how did the X5's designer came up with the original design? As BMW owned Land Rover back then, the influences and technology shared with the British brand are evident in the first X5. However, the whole concept wasn't all LR at all.

Thankfully, Frank Stephenson, the same person who designed the modern Mini Cooper and the famous Ford Escort Cosworth's wild set of wings, gives us some light with his latest video release on YouTube. Think of this as a behind-the-scenes look at the original X5's styling process.

There are, of course, some notable facts mentioned by Stephenson in his video. Apparently, he and his team – led by Chris Bangle at that time – was only given six weeks to make the original X5. Yes, six short weeks, from conception until a final finished product.

If that does sound incredible, well, you can hear it from Stephenson himself in the seven-minute video embedded on top of this page. Plus, he also shared the thought process and basically, how he came up with the whole design.