Mason Mount and Erin Cuthbert posed as Hyundai salespeople.

Imagine turning up to the dealership to buy your new car, only to be greeted by a Chelsea footballer. Well, that's exactly what happened for a few Hyundai 'customers' at a London showroom.

Note: This happened back in February 2020, before the coronavirus lockdown.

Chelsea FC’s senior Men’s player Mason Mount and Women's star Erin Cuthbert donned on full prosthetic disguises as they took to the sales floor. The pair were guided by team mates Fikayo Tomoro and Kurt Zouma from the Men’s team, and Ji So-Yun and Millie Bright from the Women’s, with the aim of convincing as many prospective customers as possible to register for a test drive – without being recognised, of course.

Those prospective customers though? Trained actors in on the whole thing.

Mount and Cuthbert, posing as 'Nick' and 'Shelia', fielded technical and entertaining questions on the showroom floor, explained the difference between electric and hybrid Hyundai models, and discussed battery power. Inevitably, mistakes were made along the way.

Chelsea FC stars go under cover as Hyundai salespeople

"We produced this humorous piece of content before lockdown to showcase our partnership with Chelsea, and we’re proud to have created something original that features both the men’s and women’s team," said Ashley Andrew, Hyundai Motor UK's managing director. "As fans are eagerly awaiting the return of live football, and with car dealerships in England reopening this week, we felt that now would be a good time to release so that supporters could catch up with their favourite Chelsea players – albeit in slightly different surroundings!

"You’ll have to watch and decide for yourself whether the players could cut it on the showroom floor…or if they should keep their feet firmly on the pitch!"

Chelsea FC stars go under cover as Hyundai salespeople

John Rogers, Chelsea Football Club's head of global partnerships, added: "Hyundai are always finding innovative ways to activate their partnership with us, and this content really is something fun and different. The players loved filming on the day as it was very different to other shoots they had been on. It is great to see Hyundai creating content with both the men’s and the women’s team, offering something for all of our fans."

Watch the full video at the top of the page of Mount and Cuthbert working at the Hyundai dealership.

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