Less than a month ago, SSC released footage with the Tuatara hypercar performing accelerations from a standstill but never provided detailed information about its actual performance figures. And while we are yet to see official 0-62 miles per hour (0-100 kilometres per hour) numbers, we have something even more exciting to share with you today.

During a recent test run onboard the 1,750-bhp (1,305-kilowatt) hypercar, the team behind the SSC project discovered that it’s mighty quick when doing an acceleration from 60 to 120 mph (96 to 193 kph). A very interesting story from TopGear shines more light on the impressive speed test.

Gallery: 2020 SCC Tuatara

In an interview with the British publication, SSC boss Jerod Shelby explained how he was worried about the car not providing “any indication of our rev-limiter kicking in at 8,500+ rpm.” When the test was completed, Shelby got home and received an interesting call with more details about the situation.

“I got a call from a very excited tuner later that night, while I was eating dinner with my family, saying: ‘do you realise that you’re going from 60 mph to 120 mph in 2.5 seconds flat in a couple of these pulls?’” Shelby told TopGear. “He said ‘I didn’t think that was physically possible from a 2WD car, but I checked and your logger was tracking six satellites during these runs, so this is legitimate. That is absolutely crazy.’ My response to him was… ‘what about the rev limiter?!”

With a carbon-fibre body and monocoque for a total weight at a remarkably low 1,247 kilograms (2,750 pounds) and a drag coefficient of 0.279, the Tuatara is definitely a step ahead of some of its direct competitors. This new video comes to prove those 100 lucky customers, who will get the opportunity to pay at least £1.28 million to own the Tuatara, won’t regret spending a fortune on a single car.