Although the Ferrari F50 was created to celebrate the Italian automaker’s 50th anniversary it proved to be quite controversial. Its goal was to create an F1 inspired road car for the people. Ferrari wanted to give a small number of its customers a slice of the experience that Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger were experiencing on the track. YouTuber TheTFJJ has captured a very special example of the F50 cruising around the streets of London.

The car in the video isn’t just any normal F50. No, it is one of four examples that were painted black from the factory. Along with its rare paint, it has also been fitted with a straight pipe exhaust system. The combination of sound and looks make this Ferrari one of the best looking and sounding cars we’ve seen.

Gallery: Ferrari F50 London car spotting

Unlike its twin-turbo V8 brother, the F50 boasts a naturally aspirated V12 making it a perfect straight-pipe candidate. Its V12 also drew inspiration from the 3.5L-V12 seen in Ferrari’s 1995 Formula 1 challenger. That said, the engine in the road car doesn’t share many similarities with the F1 engine. Along with not having the same F1 rev range, the F50’s V12 is bigger and designed to work in traffic.

While the engine may sound incredible with less hindrance, some aspects of the Italian automobile’s design did have drawbacks. One of these being the way the V12 powerplant was mounted to the chassis. To follow its F1 inspired road car ethos, the engine was mounted as a stressed member of the chassis which apparently made the driving experience quite uncomfortable.

Aside from the F50’s trivialities, it is still an incredible automobile. What’s not to like about a V12 powered Italian Supercar?