Last week, Nissan confirmed there’d be another generation of a Z sports car from the automaker. We didn’t get to see much of it in the teaser, which also announced 11 other new models, but we’re excited to see what Nissan launches. The news excited Abimelec Design, too, which reached back in the Z’s history to spruce up an iconic classic with a completely new body style – a Datsun 240Z Roadster – allowing the coupe to have some fun in the sun.

The renderings took a lot of work, as removing the roof required more than a nip and a tuck. Abimelec Design added a custom boot and slightly widened the wings/fenders. The missing roof allowed for the artist to add a Shelby Cobra windscreen, which only enhances its sporty roadster styling. The missing roof also allows us to peek inside at the tan leather, rounded gauges, and the tall shifter. Abimelec Design said it’d keep the car’s straight-six engine, too.

It’s too early to tell if Nissan’s next-gen Z sports car will have a retractable roof, though, considering the company’s current financial situation, a low-volume roadster doesn’t make much sense. However, there have been endless rumours about the new Z car wearing a retro design, and the Z car teaser we saw last week pulls hard at those Datsun 240Z nostalgia strings.  It looks small and sporty, adopting a cleaner, less angry styling than what we see today from other sports cars.

Gallery: Datsun 240Z Roadster renderings

Abimelec Design’s result is stunning to look at, especially with that bespoke boot popped open to show the tan leather and the brace between the strut towers. What completes the roadster’s look are classic American Racing Torq Thrust wheels that are just as clean and simple in design as the classic 240Z. If the teaser is any indicator, it looks like the next-gen Z car could be a return-to-form for the icon.