Singer Vehicle Design is keeping very busy and is now showing its latest reimagined Porsche 911 that the company calls the Anglet Commission. The vehicle follows on the recently unveiled Dolores CommissionWarren Commission, and Honour Roll Commission

The Anglet Commission wears a dark purple color that Singer calls Aubergine Light Pearl. The customer also specifies the centre-mounted, exposed fuel filler on the bonnet. There's also nickel trim and brass badges on the boot lid. It rides Fuchs-style, five-spoke wheels.

Gallery: Singer Anglet Commission Porsche 911

The buyer specifies the Anglet Commission with Singer's air-cooled, naturally aspirated 3.8-litre flat-six engine, rather than the 4.0-litre mill in the Warren and Honour Roll Commissions. The powerplant runs through a six-speed manual gearbox through an all-wheel-drive system.

Inside, there's Navy Blue leather. Singer's woven design and brass grommets appear on the centres of the eight-way adjustable seats. For a contrast, there's Alabaster contrast stitching throughout the interior. The buyer also opts for brass badging in the cabin.

Lifting the luggage panel cover exposes quilted Navy Blue leather with more Alabaster stitching. You can also see the fuel filler on top of the tank.

Compared to the other recent Singer builds, the customer for the Anglet Commission seems to prefer a more subdued machine than other clients. The engine's displacement is a bit smaller, and the all-wheel-drive system should make for a somewhat more sure-footed driving experience. The interior's dark colour scheme is far more subtle than the Honour Roll Commission's very orange cabin. This one even has cushions on the rear seatbacks meaning someone in the back might be cramped, yet comfortable.