Tesla's Sentry Mode and TeslaCam videos catch all kinds of crazy things. From a Tumbleweed toilet paper hoarder to people behaving badly and unplugging other EVs so they can plug their car in. 

Meteorites aren't quite as rare as many people think. Every year about 6,100 meteors are large enough to survive the fall and reach the earth - that's an average of 17 meteorites every day! So it's not too surprising that TeslaCams are recording these events. 

While it is rare that we actually get the meteor recording from a TeslaCam, this isn't the first time we've seen it. Last year, Teslarati reported on a Perseid fireball that was recorded by a Model 3 owner while they were driving in Sacramento, CA. 

Meteor in Hawaii
The Model 3 owner had just exited her car in Oahu, Hawaii when the meteor appeared across the sky

As more and more Teslas are on the roads, we expect to see all kinds of recordings that were never previously available. We're also certain that other manufacturers are going to copy Tesla and add surveillance systems to their vehicles also. It's just a matter of time before every vehicle has it. We just all need to understand and accept that we're ALWAYS being watched and recorded; that's life in the 21st century. 

We reached out to the owner of the Model 3 for permission to use the video and she offered this description of what happened:

Around 7:30 pm (time on the saved footage) I just parked my car in a residential area of Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. As I walked out I noticed a star in the sky which got bigger. I thought it was a plane approaching the airport we have nearby. I then realised it was something else and felt my blood pressure rise. The video doesn't really show the size and brightness of the fireball but one can get an idea since even a small Tesla (dash) cam captures the image of it.

As it was approaching the horizon I felt fear overtake me. The big reason for that was the fact that our island, being surrounded by the Pacific ocean, and what could have happened if a large rock from space smashed into it. Depending on the size, of course, we could have had a mega-tsunami.