Now that we know the full scoop on the updated BMW 5 Series, which was finally revealed and shown to the public just a few days ago, enthusiasts are still waiting on the performance version of BMWs seventh-generation midsize saloon, the BMW M5. While it was teased on Instagram by Markus Falsch himself with a reveal supposedly to come in the following weeks, the future of the M5 seems to be electrified.

How far into the future, you may ask? According to a source that Car Magazine stumbled upon, expect the next-generation M5 to be packing serious power via electric motors. 

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If the rumour is true, BMW's eighth-generation M5 will be the first M car to be completely electrified and will be offered as a "Power Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle" or a full-on EV. Internal documents and some guesswork say that the PHEV will be using the same engine in the upcoming X8 M; a twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 with an electric motor that has a combined output of 750 bhp.

The M5 full-electric will be powered by Gen V pouch-type batteries, with Car Magazine noting that they could switch to Tesla-style round cells for stability, safety, and added performance. The energy cell is supposedly rated at 135kWh and can be hooked up to a 400V charger that can accommodate up to 350kW. It is also likely that BMW will upgrade to an 800V charger like the one by Porsche and the Taycan. With a maximum projected WLTP range of 435 miles, total power is suggested at 1006 bhp in total with a 0-62mph of just 2.9 seconds.

A member of the M Division R&D team also stated: “The Bavarian Motor Works are latecomers to the EV scene, and the same applies unfortunately to autonomous driving. Mid-term, our only stable competitive advantage is ride, handling, and roadholding. But the biggest challenge by far is cost, which is why the board has buried the projected halo car.”