Anticipation is rapidly building for the upcoming 2021 Nissan 400Z, the long-awaited follow-up to the 370Z. We’ve heard rumours of the car having up to 400 bhp, and costing around $40,000 (approx. £32,800), but we’re still mostly in the dark on what design direction Nissan will take with the next Z car. A new fan rendering (with incredible detail) shows one potential option. And we love what we see.

Graphic artist Adan Lopez cooked up the renderings and a short video demonstrating his version of the 400Z with a futuristic design and plenty of retro cues. Adan’s car, which he calls the Fairlady Z35, is a great progression from the 370Z. The face wears similarly angular headlights, and adds Nissan’s v-motion grille design into the oversized front intake. The company’s updated logo also makes an appearance and even lights up.

The side profile is fantastic, with a strong bend in the A-pillar that adds some depth to the coupe’s roofline. Other details like the circular door handle cut-outs, additional Nissan logo, and five-spoke wheels give the 400Z a muscular look. Around back, the taillight design might be the most dramatic feature of the entire rendering, with linear red accents running into circular lamps. Finally, a wideset twin exhaust and ducktail spoiler complete the Z car’s exterior look.

Our favourite piece is Adan’s interpretation of the 400Z’s interior, which looks pretty close to being production-ready. It includes a new steering wheel design, an all-digital gauge cluster – which looks a lot like the Porsche Taycan’s – and tablet-style infotainment screen. Look closer and you’ll see three pedals, which means this hypothetical car has a manual gearbox. 

All things considered, we love this 400Z’s look and appreciate how far the artist went to make the small details special. And although we’ll have to wait longer for the production car’s details, this rendering should be more than enough to stir up some excitement in the meantime.

Gallery: 2021 Nissan 400Z retro-futuristic