A new Mercedes-Benz S-Class saloon is coming. We’ve seen camouflaged test vehicles for what seems like years now, and a new teaser video tells us the covers will officially come off sometime in the second half of 2020. The car (or actually, cars) you see here will debut sometime after that, as these prototypes aren’t simply S-Class Mercs. They are the ultra-posh Mercedes-Maybach S-Class models.

Specifically, we’re looking at the long-wheelbase version. Automotive Mike on YouTube captured the prototypes during a recent testing session at the Nürburgring and there’s certainly no mistaking these cars for anything other than flagship Maybachs as they pass the camera. We see several different number plates careening through corners, with at least one test vehicle wearing boxy camo around the door handles indicative of the electric pop-up handles we know are coming.

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These test cars are also still wearing a hefty amount of camouflage, though we have a good idea of what’s hiding beneath. Recent S-Class teasers and leaks have all but revealed the standard Mercedes version, and the Maybach upfit won’t stretch far beyond that. The W223 generation will certainly be familiar in appearance, adopting an evolutionary approach that sees mild changes to the fascias and body lines.

New headlights and taillights will bring the Maybach closer in line with current Mercedes design philosophy, and yes, there will be a bigger grille. It won’t be BMW 4 Series big, but expect a Maybach-exclusive face with large vertical bars not unlike what we currently see on the Maybach GLS.

We’ve had a glimpse of the Maybach’s interior in previous spy shots. Though much was still covered and unfinished, we were privy to the massive centre touchscreen that will be angled and integrated into an elegant centre console. It’s a design similar to what we saw in the Vision EQS concept car, and it will be the primary access for all kinds of high-tech features for both functionality and supreme luxury.

With the S-Class debuting later this year – and with coronavirus delaying everything – it’s unlikely we’ll see the big flagship saloon before 2021.