I’m sure many of you know what BMW exactly means. It is shortened from Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, which basically means Bavarian Motor Works when translated in English, and reflects the geographical origin of the automotive company founded on 7 March, 104 years ago. We’ve heard many different ways of pronouncing the BMW abbreviation but the automaker has decided to finally address all the incorrect pronunciations.

The firm has just released a new video on one of its official Facebook channels which shows the exact way to say BMW. It might be one of the shortest videos we’ve ever shared, if not the shortest, but it’s more than enough to make things clear.

There’s one thing we need to add, however. The guy from the video has a very clear and distinct pronunciation of BMW but it’s very important to note that it’s how you should say BMW in German, not English. Obviously, there are major differences - English speakers simply say the three letters B, M, and W, but the 'W' sound changes into a 'V' in the hands of a native German speaker. It’s Bee-Ehm-Wie. Now you know.

In the digital world we are living in, you often have to write the name of an automaker or/and model. But when you meet someone in person and want to tell him about that brilliant Koenigsegg you saw the other day, it’s getting a bit tricky. Check out the articles in the related links section above and make sure you know how your favourite brands are pronounced.