"What will business aviation look like in the next 50 years?" That was the exact question that Embraer posted in celebration of its 50th year in the business. Embraer is a Brazilian company that makes commercial, military, executive, and agricultural aircraft. It also provides aeronautical services, but before the firm was able to achieve its status nowadays, it started with "a dream to take flight" during the mid-60s.

The company took off (pun intended), even working with BMW in the past for the aircraft's interior design, plus a collaboration with Boeing. 

Gallery: Pulse eVTOL Concept by EmbraerX

Fifty years in, what will Embraer do in the next 50 years? The company's engineers and designers took on the task of answering that question and presented this – the Pulse Concept. It's a quite futuristic approach to business travel, but not an impossibility, we must say.

As seen on the video on top, Pulse eVTOL Concept envisions future travel in a completely autonomous affair, much like an autonomous RV or motorhome with lots of living space. It starts off with the passengers selecting their destination. The self-driving vehicle will then take them to the airport but instead of the passengers alighting the vehicle, the whole cabin transfers onto an aircraft which will continue the travel through aerospace.

Upon landing, the process is reversed as the cabin is now engorged into a waiting electric vehicle platform to complete the journey.

The Pulse Concept, as with many other automotive concepts, isn't just a fictional creation that will be forgotten in the years to come. It may or may not make it to production, but don't expect it to happen anytime soon. It's interesting, however, to see what 50 years could bring to the table – at least in the eyes of Embraer. It doesn't hurt to take a peek into the future, does it?