With social distancing guidelines still in place, there are many questions about certain things will be allowed to continue with the relaxation of restrictions.

One of those things is the test drive. A recent Autotrader survey revealed that 74 percent of customers are concerned about personal space, which could lead to an increase in car use as people shun public transport, but it could also be something of a roadblock when it comes to the traditional car buying experience when the lockdown is finally lifted, many will be wanting to go out on test drives to help them decide on what to purchase, but that's something seemingly impossible to complete without breaking social distancing rules.

But now a new app has been developed that could get round that issue.

Ignition's co-driver app allows customers hear relevant product and technology info as well as precise directions for the test drive route and allows key information to be delivered at appropriate points.

CoDriver delivers pre-recorded content along a set test drive route to relay information using GPS data at set points along the route. Other key points include:

  • Drivers absorb specific product information about the vehicle
  • Capable of using multiple routes for multiple vehicles
  • Set-up is simple using an IOS compatible device
  • Safe/space to drive on their own or with close family

CoDriver has been developed by Ignition, an award-winning independent, full-service provider of blended learning, training and events, helping to improve knowledge, behaviours and performance that has been around since 1979. It employs 22-full time international employees speaking over 14 languages and has worked closely with Toyota, Renault, Jaguar Land Rover, Yamaha, and Bentley

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