Having a car that can drive itself – Tesla Summon Mode – can lead to some pretty weird and silly ideas. Remember the guy walking his Tesla like a dog? Or the recent video showing a Tesla driving itself through a drive-through?

We've also seen it lead to some risky trials, like the Tesla driver climbing out the window while the car was on Autopilot? The following video is risky in a different way. There's not really a concern about someone getting hurt unless the catcher is distracted and misses the catch. However, there's a good chance the Tesla Model 3 will get damaged.

Sports are on hold right now. People are bored. We continue to see interesting "pandemic sports" on social media, but none quite like this. Do you think they pulled it off in one take? It doesn't appear that the car has any damage.


If you read the comments on Facebook, it seems some people think there may actually be a driver in the car with the seat reclined back. Others insist that the car is driving itself via Summon Mode. Perhaps it looks to be moving too fast for Summon? It's hard to tell since the video is so short and the screen is narrow. Regardless of the details, we hope this put a smile on your face as it did ours.