The original Acura NSX achieved a cult following, due to its clean design and simplistic, rewarding driving character. Acura followed up the icon in 2016, with an all-new car that broke just about every mould from the original. But even with new DNA and a futuristic identity, the new NSX still reminds enthusiasts of Acura’s first supercar and the era that it came from.

One owner took this idea a few steps further by covering his 2017 NSX in a custom throwback wrap. While there isn’t a direct reference to the original NSX anywhere on the new car, the wrap is filled with pop culture references that align with the 90s and early 2000s. Designed by artist, Skepple, the custom features just about every lovable character from the era. The Simpsons, Furby, Sonic The Hedgehog, Mario and Luigi, and even a cut-out of the Gameboy Colour make their way into the design.

The in-your-face wrap was installed by Chicago Auto Pros, which also detailed the entire process on their YouTube channel. Over the course of the video, you can see the painstaking process that starts with removing the car’s wing, front and rear clips, as well as other major panels. From there, the application process starts, fitting the wrap and sealing it tight against the bodywork. At the video’s end, you see the owner reacting to his new car for the first time, completely taken aback by the NSX’s new look. 

Although purists are likely to dismiss the colourful wrap job as over the top, we have to admit that the throwback job has us a bit nostalgic. That time period was filled with amazing pop culture, and course, the original NSX. So really, what’s not to love?