Reimaging an iconic vehicle in a more modern design is a risky proposition, to say the least. The art of nostalgia-fuelled product design is nothing new, but the stakes are high as nostalgia leverages a great deal of brand equity.

In the past, many automakers have attempted to call upon their past success to prop up current sales and some have done better than others. Today we see a fan-rendered modern interpretation of the iconic Mercedes 300SL, which begs the question, are we ready for a 300SL remake? 

The 300SL is considered by many to be the world’s first supercar introducing race car performance in a liveable package. Defined by its iconic gull-wing doors, the 300SL came in coupe and then roadster form which debuted in 1956. These gorgeous coupes were the pinnacle of 1950’s design and remain icons to this day. So what does a modernised 300SL Roadster look like?


Well, wb.artist20 on Instagram started out with a contemporary AMG Roadster and got to work adding in the classic design cues from the 300SL. The headlight on the AMG GT was completely redone to match the shape of the 300SL however they clearly retain the LED composition of a modern headlight. The reshaped grille emulates the 300SL while retaining the lower air-intakes required to feed a modern engine. 

Finally, we see the 300SL’s side vents reimagined in a modernised honeycomb pattern. To accommodate the side vent on the render extends to the door, which I’m sure is quite difficult to retain is this was ever built by Mercedes. There’s also subtle incorporation of the 300SL’s unique wing/fender treatment which helps round out the new design.

Remakes of classic cars in a modern age can be quite difficult. Modern cars contend with stricter regulations and customer requirements that were not a factor during the building of iconic classics. Would you prefer a modern interpretation of a 300SL roadster over the current AMG GT Roadster?