We blame the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette for this. Ever since America’s sports car was reborn as a mid-engine machine, it seems like everyone is curious how other well-known cars might look with a mid-engine makeover.

We’ve already seen plenty of renderings depicting everything from Mustangs to Minis with engines in the middle. The folks at Budget Direct went a step further by recasting several iconic machines with new engine placements, only these aren’t entirely mid-mount designs.

Two of the vehicles on this list of seven already have engines behind the driver, so some creative action is afoot here. We’ll be the first to admit the designs for this presentation aren't quite as well done as others we've seen, but we are privy to two shots per vehicle in this slideshow. The first rendering shows the vehicle as a whole, with the second being a cutaway revealing just how the engine fits in its new home. We’ve arranged the slideshow so you can try to guess the new engine placement on the first slide. Some are obvious but a few might surprise you.

If you have any interesting requests for cars you’d like to see with alternative engine locations, drop your suggestions in the comments. We’re always keen to embark on an insane rendering adventure.