With so many tasty M&Ms available today, the only model missing from BMW’s lineup is a fully-fledged hypercar to serve as the crown jewel of the range. However, it’s unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future as reports say the electrified Vision M Next concept is not going into production after all. That leaves the M8 Competition Coupe as the company’s fastest car, and Manhart has now decided to dial it up a notch.

It’s called the “MH8 800” package and it takes the twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 engine to a whopping 823 bhp and 774 lb-ft of torque. The newly gained muscle has slashed 0.6 seconds from the 0 to 62 mph run, which now takes only 2.6 seconds. To put that performance into perspective, Manhart’s M8 Competition Coupe is now just as quick as the new Porsche 911 Turbo S. From that point forward, the car needs just 5.7 seconds to hit 124 mph.

Gallery: BMW M8 Competition Coupe by Manhart

The tuner did more than just fiddle with the S63 engine as the coupe also received a subtle body kit and not-so-subtle gold accents. There are custom 21-inch alloy wheels at the front and rear, along with a revamped suspension setup with adjustable springs allowing the driver to alter the vehicle’s height by 30 millimeters.

Manhart has also modified the exhaust system and will happily remove the petrol particulate filter to unlock a beefier engine soundtrack. The noise can be further amplified by a set of downpipes without catalytic converts, along with adjustable exhaust valves and quad 100-mm tips with a carbon look or a ceramic-coated finish.

There’s not much going on inside the cabin, but the BMW M8 Competition Coupe can be optionally fitted with carbon fibre accents for the steering wheel and the shift paddles.

Together with the folks at AutoTopNL on YouTube, Manhart has released a video of its beast devouring an unrestricted section of the Autobahn at speeds of up to 193 mph. It sounds absolutely brutal under hard acceleration, while the pops and crackles remind us of a machine gun.

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The MANHART MH8 800 - the fastest M8 Competition in the world!

The M8 Competition is undoubtedly one of the absolute spearheads in the M GmbH model range. With 625 hp, 750 Nm torque and a top speed of up to 305 km/h, the top-of-the-line BMW model is fascinatingly fast even in series production. But it can get even more extreme, as MANHART Performance has proven. The company from Wuppertal has been specialized in the optimizing of BMW vehicles for many years and by using its outstanding experience, the experts have now released the World's fastest BMW M8 Competition: Raise the curtain for the MANHART MH8 800!

Following the conversion, the rapid sports coupe produces no less than 823 hp plus 1,050 Nm and combines ultimate exclusivity with absolutely outstanding sportiness. The MH8 800 needs only 2.6 seconds to sprint from a standing start to 100 km/h, which means a noticeable reduction compared to the 3.2 seconds of the series M8. Acceleration from 100 to 200 km/h takes just 5.7 seconds. The MANHART turbo kit comes with a MANHART intercooler and a revision of the software on the engine control unit. These are responsible for the significant increase in performance of the 4.4-liter biturbo V8 (S63).

Another new feature is the stainless steel rear silencer with a remote valve, which ends in four 100-mm tailpipes, optionally with carbon or ceramic-coated look. Rounding off the exhaust package are - without TÜV approval only for export - the OPF-delete replacement pipe, made of stainless steel and set of race downpipes, without catalytic converters. The MANHART Emulator Control Module (ECM) valve control and the MANHART ECM Deleter are available to match the exhaust hardware.

In order to be able to withstand the increased power of the engine without any problems, the transmission has also been upgraded. Height-adjustable coil springs from KW are responsible for lowering the MH8 800. They are height adjustable up to approximately 30 millimeters. In addition, the Coupé also has a special MANHART suspension set-up and the factory-standard carbon-ceramic brake system. Both can be individually configured upon request.

Visually, the MH8 800 also stands out from the standard M8 Competition: the front spoiler lip and inserts on the front apron make the face of the 8-Series even more dynamic and aggressive - perfect overtaking prestige is guaranteed here! The components are made of carbon, as is the rear spoiler lip and the diffuser insert. Finally, rounding the MH8 800 off perfectly are the decorative stripes in gold, which contrast against the black background. The same color combination is also shown on the MANHART Concave One alloy wheels in 9x21 and 10.5x21 inches with tires in 265/30 ZR21 and 305/25 ZR21. They combine a glossy black finish with a golden edge on the lightweight rim. Last but not least, MANHART has a carbon refinement package for the stock steering wheel and carbon shift paddles available to customize the interior.