Just like Hyundai with its expanded N performance range, Volkswagen has been increasing the population within its R range. The "R" designation typically revolves around the Golf R, as well as the notable I.D. R electric race car that made headlines with its record-breaking performance.

But times are changing. There's already a T-Roc R that was launched last year, plus the Touareg R has already seen the light of day earlier this year. The Tiguan R and Arteon R are expected to join the fray soon, and of course, the Mk8 Golf R is well underway for a launch soon.

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If my math is correct, that's already five R models for the performance-driven Volkswagen shopper. That letter comes with a promise, though. VW Group board member Jürgen Stackmann had an interview with Top Gear and said that "more stories around R that will probably surprise and amaze you," suggesting that something extraordinary should come with the new R models.

Well, VW has already started with the surprises. The Touareg R was the first R model to feature a hybrid powertrain, boasting a combined output of 456 bhp, and that's not the end of it. Stackmann has confirmed that the future R models will go electric.

"The future of R needs to be, and will be, electric," Stackmann said.

Now, with Volkswagen R's chief Jost Capito swayed into accepting that electrification is "something that we want to do," electrified performance models from Wolfsburg won't be a surprise at all. Let's wait and see if they will be amazing, as well.