Also including all other European operations.

Ford has confirmed that its two UK engine manufacturing plants in Dagenham, Essex and Bridgend in South Wales will resume production on May 18.

The Blue Oval's Valencia plant in Spain will also recommence operations next week meaning that all of Ford's factories in Europe will once again be operational. As with every other major car factory across Europe, Ford's factories were shuttered due to the coronavirus lockdown.

A limited number of employees continued to work at Ford sites in the UK to help with critical services, while those workers not involved in production and not needing specialist equipment already began returning to work on May 4. Those that can work remotely are continuing to do so for the time being however.

Ford's European factories to return to work

"As we return to work at our two engine plants in the UK, our key priority is the implementation of Ford’s global standards on social distancing and strengthened health and safety protocols to safeguard the well-being of our workforce,” said Graham Hoare, chairman, Ford of Britain.

Ford has set out a comprehensive list of health and safety protocols, including:

  • Requiring anyone entering a Ford facility to use a company-provided face mask, and a face shield in select manufacturing positions and other positions where social distancing
    cannot be met

  • All persons entering a Ford facility to have their body temperature checked on entry with scanning equipment that meets any local or national regulations and restrictions

  • Completion of a daily, wellness self-assessment process to confirm employee fitness and readiness for work before entering a Ford facility

  • Redesigning of work areas to ensure social distancing guidelines are maintained and phased return to work to reduce employee density in buildings and on production lines
Ford's European factories to return to work

Ford will also provide all employees with a personal 'care kit' that includes disposable face masks, a reusable thermometer, and other hygiene items.

Ford will also continue to produce ventilator sub-assemblies for the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium and facemask for its own use to reduce the impact on companies supplying masks for vital services.

"The past few months have been an extraordinary period for our business and our country, but  throughout the pandemic Ford people have shown the strength of character that truly makes them the Backbone of Britain,” said Hoare.

"From building sub-assemblies for the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium at Dagenham, to manufacturing face masks at our Dunton Campus, and from loaning in excess of 200 vehicles to more than 40 organisations including 10 National Health Service ambulance trusts, to those in our workforce engaged in supporting their communities in a wide range of actions, Ford employees have made a valuable contribution to this country’s fight against coronavirus."

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