The Hyundai 45 finally hits the road without the fabric covering concealing the body. The exterior still wears a camouflage wrap, but now it's possible to see more of the details of the vehicle's lines.

With the fabric out of the way, we can spot that the front end styling matches the shape of the 45 concept. There's a cutout area between the edge of the bonnet and bumper where the headlights are, and this section spans the entire width of the nose. Rather than the pixel-like lamps on the concept, the production version has more conventional, rectangular-shaped lights. As an EV, the vehicle doesn't need large inlets for routing air to radiators, so the only openings here are relatively small. 

Gallery: Hyundai 45 spy shots

In profile, the road-going 45 has some similarities to the concept. Some of the photos show deep creases along the doors that make the vehicle look more visually interesting than just another crossover. The A-pillar and C-pillar have steep rakes that create a sporty silhouette. There's also black trim around the windows, which should provide a colour contrast from the rest of the body. 

At the back, there are fairly small taillights. Expect them to be larger when more of the camouflage comes off. The rest of the design appears to have a minimalist aesthetic with sharp lines.

These spy shots don't offer a view of the cabin. Expect the interior to be far more conventional than the concept's stylish, yet simple appearance.

The 45 rides on Hyundai's Electric-Global Platform. Otherwise, powertrain details are a mystery, but the expectation is that it has all-wheel drive from an electric motor turning each axle.

Look for the 45 to debut in 2021. Although, the exact timing of the unveiling is still unknown.

Gallery: Hyundai 45 Concept