Snow is a curious thing for car enthusiasts. Some might consider it like a litmus test, separating people who merely love cars versus those who love driving cars. Obviously there’s plenty of overlap in such a statement, but getting the most of any car in slippery conditions requires a considerable investment in the act of driving. It might be more of an investment than some enthusiasts are willing to make.

For those who do seek wintertime enjoyment behind the wheel, the Porsche Ice Experience is a haven of slow-motion, opposite-lock excellence. We’ve talked about this Arctic Circle test centre before, and we even visited the 76-acre playground ourselves to sample the Taycan on ice. This video from Carfection asks whether or not the first fully electric Porsche can be as much fun in low-traction situations as internal-combustion counterparts.

Of course, we already know that’s absolutely true, and the video ends with dramatic footage of the Taycan getting crazy sideways while the driver is smiling and laughing. But that’s not the real takeaway from this 15-minute ode to ice driving. The clip takes us through the three-day Porsche Ice Experience, where drivers are given lessons in low-traction car control from experts while progressing through increasingly powerful models.

Gallery: Ice drifting at Porsche Experience

The action begins with an all-wheel-drive Carrera 4S, which is exceptionally sure-footed on the icy surface. All-wheel-drive is traded for rear-wheel-drive and prolific power in a 911 GT3, and the challenge is bumped yet another notch with a 718 Cayman. Finally the Taycan comes out on the last day, and with daylight fading, the EV super saloon demonstrates its ability to dance. In short, the entire video is glorious.

High-powered performance cars aren’t typically in the wheelhouse for folks who drive through winter conditions. Such machines are usually stored in favour of warmer weather and dry tarmac, but with a good set of winter tyres and disciplined car control, this video reminds us that ice and snow driving can be a tremendously rewarding experience, regardless of the vehicle.