New research from Skoda has revealed that as many as 1.2 million motorists are taking to their parked cars just to get a bit of peace and quiet during the coronavirus lockdown.

Right now leisure driving is strictly prohibited, but there's nothing against merely sitting in a car parked on a driveway to escape the cabin fever of being cooped up in the house.

The research carried out by the Czech manufacturer showed that 39 percent of UK motorists are currently working from home, with eight percent retreating to their parked car to get some time alone away from the family with the figure rising to 23 percent in London.

More than a fifth said that they are using their cars as a place to watch TV on a mobile device, take a nap, or even as a playground for kids, and 13 percent are considering using their car as a makeshift office space.

2020 Skoda Rapid

"The research highlights that whilst we may not be able to currently use our cars in the traditional fashion, they still play a hugely significant part in our everyday lives," said a Skoda spokesperson.

Skoda's research also revealed that 13 percent are considering using their car as a makeshift office space, while 22 percent have said that they are taking even more care of their car during the lockdown by washing it more regularly, with a further 20 percent confirming that they're cleaning the interior more than usual. The cleanest cars are in London, with 17 percent of car owners admitting to cleaning their car once a day since lockdown began.

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