The BMW M6 featured in today’s video has a big secret. Under the bonnet of this sleek luxury coupe lies the legendary S85 V10 engine but this particular engine features an aftermarket supercharger. So how fast is a supercharged V10 coupe on the autobahn? Let’s find out.

The BMW E60 M6 is a V10 powered coupe we may never see the likes of again. This Unique BMW came at a time when engine downsizing and forced induction were far off on the horizon. The high revving 5.0-litre S58 engine is a work of art revving all the way out to 8,500 rpm and producing an auditory experience many modern supercars cannot match.

The shriek of a V10 engine unmuffled by turbochargers or modern exhaust particulate filters is sadly an experience of a different period in time. The E60 M6 is an automotive time capsule that represents the mastery of naturally aspirated engines unadulterated by the march of progress. 

The artfully crafted engine utilises BMW controversial SMG Single clutch automatic transmission which has not stood the test of time. Even upon its debut, the SMG was a polarising transmission at best. The SMG lacks the refinement of modern transmissions which shift much quicker and provide a smooth driving experience. In this video even flat out you can see the SMG’s sometimes clunky shifts. 

The supercharger for this particular M6 hails from Infinitas, which is good for 650 bhp or 150 over the M6’s stock horsepower of 500. This additional power is more than enough to slip shot the M6 down the Autobahn with ease. Thankfully a supercharger adds horsepower and does not dull the exhaust note that the M6’s wonderful V10 engine. This is the best of both worlds and we hope M6’s will continue to enjoy our roads for decades to come.