Once again, there's an opportunity to see Porsche developing a new variant of the Cayenne Coupe. The name of this model remains a mystery, but the two leading theories are either GT or GTS.

At the rear, this Cayenne Coupe has two, oval-shaped exhaust tips in the centre and trapezoidal outlets at the corners. Based on earlier views of this vehicle, we are fairly certain that the pipes in the middle are the functional ones, and Porsche isn't testing the model with the production-spec bumper.

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This one also has a different front end than in earlier looks at the sporty crossover. It wears the fascia from the Turbo and Turbo S E-Hybrid models. While hard to see for sure in this video,  the vertical and horizontal crosspieces seem to be absent in this application.

Rumours suggest this model might use an upgraded version of the Turbo S E-Hybrid's powertrain that would make around 800 bhp (597 kilowatts). The other speculation is that it could get the tune of the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 from the Lamborghini Urus that produces 641 bhp (478 kilowatts), versus 541 bhp (403 kW) from the same mill in the existing Cayenne Coupe Turbo.

A debut date for the new Cayenne Coupe model is also a mystery. After seeing spy shots and videos of it for months, we wouldn't expect the wait to be too much longer, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could shake up the company's plans.