Rimac Automobili, based in Croatia, is a company that went from anonymous a decade ago to now lending its EV technical know-how to the likes of Porsche and other established automotive names. Part of its success stems from the sheer passion of the people working behind the scenes, one of whom is Miroslav "Mrgud" Zrnčević.

After previously writing for EVO Magazine and Auto Bild, he got a job at Rimac nearly six years ago in the company’s PR and marketing department. It wasn’t his specific desire to work in that particular field, but it was the only opening the company had at that point (when it apparently had around twenty employees in total).

Then he became a test and development driver, a position he still occupies to this day. So if you ever wondered what it took to become an automaker’s test driver, this particular story suggests that you have to find a way to start working for said automaker, then rise through the ranks in order to achieve your goal.

Now Miroslav drives some of the world’s fastest electric vehicles for an automaker whose future seems bright. He details his story in this video posted on Rimac’s official YouTube channel where he is joined by Mate, the company’s founder and they’re both aboard a C_Two prototype.