A little over a week ago, Ferrari connoisseur Ratarossa put out a mission to hunt for the lost and abandoned F40 of Saddam Hussein's son, Uday Hussein. It was an almost impossible mission but not without hope as Ratarossa had several leads which several Youtube users have left on his video's comments section. That story ended without a conclusion, though, and you'd probably think that he is still on a hunt up to this day.

Well, apparently not.

In his latest upload, Ratarossa had a piece of bittersweet news – he had found the long lost Ferrari F40, but it isn't what he had hoped for.

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With the help of the internet, Chris "Big Chris" Smith from Gas Monkey Garage, Ratarossa was able to track down the car in Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, as initially spotted before. 

Big Chris had a substantial part in the mission. He had the chance to find the same car in 2016 when he flew all the way to Iraq to check out the car. As expected, it's covered in sand from bumper to bumper, with missing parts to boot. In an interview with Ratarossa, Big Chris explained that the deal didn't happen because of logistical nightmares to add the expensive parts that needed replacement.

That's pretty much the same state that the Ferrari F40 was in when Ratarossa showed it in the video on top of this page. It's still in Erbil and now residing in a garage rather than an open spot but despite having only 3,700 kilometres (2,300 miles) on the clock, it's in pretty bad shape.

The current owner named his price: $1,150,000 (approx. £995,000). Naturally, Ratarossa had to pass regardless of the efforts he employed to find the car. It was a hard decision, we reckon, but a powerful testament to how powerful the internet is, especially for us car nuts.