The upcoming Fisker Ocean SUV previews the brand’s idea of the perfect all-electric off-road-oriented SUV with its latest release of renderings. Fisker is a California based car manufacturer with its sights set on the creation of affordable electric vehicles that offer impressive range and performance.

Their upcoming Ocean SUV promises to cater to SUV customers who make up a large market share of the car market place. Fisker is now showing its off-roader Ocean SUV to diversify its customer base. 

Modern-day SUVs are more closely related to a saloon or MPV rather than a body on frame truck-based SUV. SUVs utilise a unibody construction and other car-like features that allow them to drive like a car while offering more space and capability. Although there are off-road specific SUVs like the Jeep Wrangler and certain trims of the Toyota 4Runner for example, most SUVs are used for on-road driving with the occasional negotiation of a snowy road or gravel pathway. 

Gallery: Fisker Ocean rugged version shown in new renderings

This leads us to the Fisker Ocean renders that do look very exciting. There’s nothing cooler than a lifted SUV with massive off-road tyres, a roof rack, and LED Lightbars, but is it necessary? Certainly not, but would a customer purchase an SUV like this? In the electric car world range and efficiency is king so chunky heavy tyres and less than aerodynamic light bars will have a severe impact on the Ocean’s range. Fisker claims the Oceans range will start around 250 miles with certain models offering 300 miles but this is yet to be confirmed.

The Fisker Ocean SUV with the off-road treatment looks the part, and would certainly help Fisker appeal to a larger customer base. A torquey electric SUV is perfect for difficult off-roading and we’d like to see this SUV in action.