Singer Vehicle Design is keeping busy because just days after showing off the Honor Roll commission the skilled Porsche 911 tuners showcase the Warren Commission before the handoff to the new owner. Like everything else the company creates, the vehicle looks amazing at first glance and gets even more impressive as you dig into the details.

The Warren Commission packs Singer's naturally aspirated 4.0-litre air-cooled flat-six engine. It runs through a six-speed manual gearbox, and in this case, there's an all-wheel-drive system. The company doesn't offer any powertrain specs, but earlier applications of this mill produce 500 bhp while being capable of revving to 9,000 rpm.

Gallery: Singer Warren Commission

The body panels are carbon fibre, and the buyer orders the whole exterior in Dark Battleship Grey. Along the lower section of the sides, there are ghosted stripes in a lighter shade of gray and the classic Porsche script. A cutout exposes the fuel filler in the centre of the bonnet. The rear decklid badging is nickel. A pair of centre-exit exhaust pipes are boldly visible below the bumper.

The buyer specifies Oxblood read leather for the cabin. The carbon-fibre seats have a suede leather-woven inserts and brass grommets.⁣ The stitching matches the exterior paint colour. The rear section of the interior, transmission tunnel, and door sills are also Dark Battleship Grey. Diamond-quilted leather covers the luggage compartment under the front bonnet.

The Warren Commission seems like a fantastic dual-purpose Porsche. With the thickly bolstered seats and big engine, the coupe could be fun on the track. Load the front with cargo, and this Porsche could be great for a weekend road trip.