We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Estates offer the same capability as the vast majority of SUVs that people clamour to buy. However, toss an SUV into a steep drift at the Nürburgring, and the higher centre-of-gravity might cause serious damage to your underwear, not to mention the vehicle as it rolls over and over. Meanwhile, the same activity with a BMW 5 Series Touring looks rather – dare we say – fun.

Jump to the 46-second mark in the above video from statesidesupercars on YouTube, and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. This recent footage from the Nordschleife focuses on the facelifted 5 Series that should debut before the end of the year. This time around we’re treated to a long roof Touring model getting tossed around the Green Hell, and we do mean tossed. Pretty much every corner in this short clip is met with tortured tyres, and then there’s the prolific drift that even caught the camera operator by surprise. Let’s see you have fun like that in your all-wheel-drive X5.

If anything, the aggressive driving in this clip distracts us from observing the changes coming to the 5 Series. This mid-cycle refresh won’t rewrite 5 Series history, but the nose will gain new headlights and a grille that’s only slightly larger compared to the current model. The lower fascia does away with some of the rounded elements for a sharper design.

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Changes appear less dramatic at the rear. The lower fascia and trapezoid exhaust cutouts look to carry over with virtually no updates. New taillights are slimmer, which could result in small changes to the rear liftgate. Subtle updates might carry over to the interior as well, with new trim options and updated tech likely being the only differences.

Look for the updated 2021 5 Series to debut both in saloon and Touring guise later this year.