The Volkswagen Transporter is among the longest-lived commercial vehicle nameplates in the world, and a new generation is on the way. This spy video shows the T7 testing in the snow, including sometimes wearing a massive pair of lamps on the roof.

The necessities of creating a large cargo space mean that the rear section of a van needs to be boxy to maximise space. In front, there's a blunt nose, and the headlights appear to have a rectangular shape. The A-pillars seem to have a slightly steeper rake than the current Transporter, and there's a new front quarter window.

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At the back, there's a large hatchback. Like the headlights, the taillights appear to have a rectangular shape.

The vehicle in this spy video wears a little more camouflage than vans in previous photos. With the camo off the side windows, it's possible to get a much better idea of how the T7 looks in silhouette.  The new front quarter window is a major departure for the model's aesthetic, but the designers appear to incorporate it well into the model's venerable styling. 

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Inside, photos indicate that the Transporter would be available with a digital instrument cluster. Although, we don't expect this to be standard equipment. There would also be improved driver assistance tech.

As the latest Transporter, it's safe to expect a wide variety of engine and drivetrain combinations to be available. There would also be various wheelbase lengths so that customers can choose a larger vehicle for carrying more. Motorhome variants are sure to join the range eventually. Look for the T7 to debut in 2021.