Vauxhall’s electric Vivaro-e van will go on sale this summer ahead of first deliveries in the autumn, the British brand has confirmed. Pricing is yet to be announced, but Vauxhall has said the vehicle will come with an electric range of up to 188 miles, allowing “multi-drop deliveries around large towns and cities on a single charge”.

That’s made possible by the 75 kWh battery option, which sits above the entry-level 50 kWh battery. The latter returns just 125 miles from a single charge, but it powers the same 134 bhp electric motor.

And because the latest-generation Vivaro was always designed to have an electric variant, both packs fit under the cargo bay floor. That not only means the Vivaro-e can be built on the same UK production line as its diesel-powered counterparts, but it’s also capable of providing similar carrying capacity.

Like the diesel Vivaro, the Vivaro-e is offered with a choice of two lengths, as the 4.96-metre-long L1H1 is supplemented by the 5.3-metre L2H1 variant. The former offers up to 5.8 cubic metres of load space if the FlexCargo load-through hatch on the front passenger side is utilised, while the L2H2 manages 6.6 cubic metres in the same configuration.

Vauxhall Vivaro-e

However, there is a slight payload penalty for choosing the electric variant, as the 1,226 kg maximum payload is around 130 kg lower than that of the equivalent diesel Vivaro. That said, Vauxhall claims the Vivaro-e is the only fully electric light commercial vehicle capable of towing a trailer, albeit with a maximum weight of just one tonne.

As well as all that practicality-related stuff, the Vivaro-e will also get a range of driver assistance systems. Customers will be offered a fighter jet-style head-up display, lane-keeping assistance drowsiness alert and “semi-adaptive” cruise control. Autonomous emergency braking, which automatically applies the brakes if it detects an impending collision, is also on offer.

Vauxhall Vivaro-e

At the same time, Vauxhall is also offering parking sensors at the front and rear, as well as ultrasonic monitoring for the blind spots over the driver’s shoulders. A 180-degree rear-view camera will be offered on some versions, too, projecting what it sees to the seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system. That screen comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, while the Multimedia Navi Pro version also features 3D European navigation.

However, Vauxhall has not yet announced pricing or specifications, and the Vivaro-e will not be available to order until June. And even then, customers will have to wait until a few months later to receive their vehicle. Nevertheless, it’s the latest Vauxhall electric vehicle to arrive, ahead of the smaller Combo-e van, which is slated for 2021. By 2024, Vauxhall is promising an electric or hybrid version of every passenger car and van in its range.

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