Driving through floods is like gambling – there are times when you'll hit the jackpot and won't hear any complaint from your beloved vehicle after the dangerous feat. Most of the time, however, you'll suffer a frustrating loss that will make you spend more in hopes to return what you've invested in the gamble.

In the case of cars, you'll probably spend so much money on repairs only to find out that some of the defects are irreversible. Worst, you'll end up with a total wreck.

So, whenever you see a flooded road ahead, you should always ask yourself: Is crossing this a risk worth taking? Are you really willing to gamble your vehicle?

Now, if you're driving a sports car like McLaren, this shouldn't even be a question. But such was the case in a video sent over to News 2 via Twitter, which you can watch in the video embedded on top of this page.

Don't be fooled by the video title above that says Corvette. The sports car that went through the flood here appears to be a McLaren 570S based on the taillight configuration.

As News 2 reported, numerous roads have been flooded in Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday due to severe storms. As seen in the video, several vehicles were driving through the shin-deep flood, including the McLaren.

Fortunately, News 2 said that the driver of the vehicle was fine but the car "didn't sound great" after going through the ordeal.

Let this serve as a reminder that floods are to be avoided at all costs, no matter what car you're driving. Safety should always be your primary concern.