Can you exit a moving Tesla while it's on Autopilot? We don't advise you to try this as it's highly dangerous, but provided you can shimmy out the window, here's what happens.

First things first though. Never exit a moving car while it's in drive. Just don't do it. Not only is this dangerous to others on the road, but also it's a danger to you. Had this guy fallen upon exiting the Tesla, he would've been run over, so just don't do it.

Regardless, there will still be those curious to know if Tesla Autopilot continues to operate once the driver is no longer there. We're not talking about a driver who fell asleep at the wheel here. Rather, this Tesla driver exited the car completely.

Does Autopilot know? Does it turn off and bring the car to a halt? It should, we'd think, but this video proves it does not work that way.

We should note that in order to "trick" the system your seatbelt must be engaged (behind the driver in this case) and the door can not be opened. Therefore, one must shimmy out the window to pull this stunt off. This is highly unlikely to happen in the real world, but in the YouTubers kingdom, apparently, this is par for the course.

Lastly, and we'll close with this, we think the airbag sensor in the driver's seat should realise that nobody is in the car and bring it to a halt immediately. Why is this not the case here? Perhaps Tesla overlooked this?

Video description via Chikichu on YouTube:

Don't worry, this was done illegally on a public street below the legal speed requirement.