One week after road safety and breakdown specialists GEM Motoring Assist warned against speeding on UK roads during the coronavirus lockdown, it has been reported by the BBC that speeding has actually increased in recent weeks.

Responding to the news, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) said that it was 'alarmed' by the news, and urged road users to remain vigilant while on the roads during the lockdown.

"We’re alarmed by the latest reports of speeding across the UK, and the reckless disregard with which some drivers treat the rules of the road just because they are more quiet than usual," said Nick Lloyd, head of road safety at RoSPA.

Speed camera monitoring busy traffic motorway at night

"Excessive speed at any time is dangerous, and you put other people, as well as yourself, at risk of death or serious injury. Please don’t be selfish, and stick to the limit – it’s there for a reason.

"Drivers also need to be extra vigilant given the lockdown. There are currently more children, pedestrians and cyclists out and about for their daily exercise, all throughout the day. Additionally, if you cause a crash, you will be putting frontline resources and health professionals under needless strain at a time when they should be dealing with getting the pandemic under control."