How much of a difference do wheels and slammed suspension make on a vehicle? In short, the right combination can make anything cooler, from sleepy Ladas to the infamous Pontiac Aztek.

The forthcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E arguably doesn’t need any help to be an attractive machine – since it debuted last year the response to its swoopy, flared shape has been primarily positive. But if this electric crossover expects to live up to its Mustang heritage, it must take well to tweaks and modifications.

We’ve seen a few Mach-E renderings since it broke cover last November at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but with the exception of a Shelby interpretation, all have emphasised the utilitarian nature of a higher-riding vehicle with available all-wheel drive. Those ideas are certainly interesting, but Abimelec Design on Facebook went the other direction with a slammed Mach-E riding on big sticky tyres and sporting an aggressive front fascia. And we must admit – it’s a good look.


The post specifically mentions the Volk wheels and its silver exterior finish, though the digital paint job takes on a distinctly pearlescent ambience. There’s sharper definition in the wing flares as well, and with wheel gap all but eliminated, this Mach-E looks like a legit street fighter. Whether or not you approve of this car wearing a Mustang badge, there’s no denying these renderings catch the eye.

The elephant in the room, however, is that front clip. It certainly gives the Mach-E some attitude, but with no petrol engine to cool, it’s quite likely the design would hamper the EV’s performance. With battery technology still evolving, designers have the unenviable task of finding shapes that look good while helping the car slip through the air with the least possible resistance. As much as we love the way this looks for a Mach-E GT upgrade, it would likely take a sizeable bite out of the GT’s already limited 250-mile range.

Then again, Mustang owners for the past 56 years have a tradition of installing tweaks and modifications that make the car worse in some areas to improve others. In that sense, this custom Mach-E fits with the family just fine.