Undoubtedly, the McLaren 720S on which the 765LT is based was an unbelievably capable supercar. It could lap the Nurburgring in just over seven minutes, and did so on relatively pedestrian tyres. The capabilities of the 720S made it a perfect candidate for the automaker’s next LT project.

According to Rob Melville, design director of the 765LT, the two letters at the end signify lighter weight components, improved aerodynamics, and more power. All of these elements make the 765LT a completely different animal to the 720S.

The first key feature Melville showcases is the extended overhang at the front of the car. This allows for a deeper front splitter which means more downforce. Along with the bigger front splitter, the front of the car features many more aerodynamic appendages which not only add downforce, but improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the entire car. Of these improvements at the front, the wheel louvres peaked our interest. Along with adding drama to the design aesthetic, they relieve pressure in the front wheel arches, improving downforce.

mclaren 765lt louvres

While a lot changed during the metamorphosis from 720S to 765LT, much remained the same. The vehicle still has the same “eye socket” style headlights which feed the front radiators with fresh air, and still boasts a mightily impressive V8 powerplant. Along with the headlights, the “twin skin” door profile, albeit being fed more efficiently with air coming from the front end, remained a design staple.

Like many LT models, weight reduction was also a big priority. Along with all of the body panels being constructed from carbon fibre, the rear glass of the car is now made from polycarbonate. Aside from taking weight out of the car, Melville stressed the importance of maintaining the unparalleled near 360-degree visibility when sitting in the cockpit.

The last big innovation seen in the LT is the exhaust system. It carries on with the add drama subtract weight mantra seen in the car. Unlike the single-exit system seen on the 720S, the LT’s system features four exits, and is made entirely from titanium. It’s also apparently the first full titanium exhaust system that McLaren has ever made, and is reported to spit flames.

While this car looks to be mega fast, we don’t think it’ll be a Senna killer. That said, the 765LT will undoubtedly be a top contender in the market of road-legal, track-ready supercars.