[UPDATE] Video above removed on YouTube.

Engine problems forced the pilot of a Piper Cherokee small plane to make an emergency landing on a busy highway in Quebec, Canada, on Thursday, April 17, according to a report from Radio Canada. Multiple drivers' cameras captured the bizarre scene (see above and below). Thankfully, there were no injuries to the two people in the aircraft or to any of the motorists on the road.

The problem occurred in the air. The pilot was attempting to reach a nearby airport. The plane couldn't make it that far, which forced the landing on the highway. Judging by the video, the pilot was a little shaky at first as he brought down the aircraft, but he did an admirable job of performing a smooth landing. The old adage among pilots is that any landing you can walk away from is a successful one, so this guy deserves a pat on the back.

Rather than coming to a stop, traffic on the highway treated the plane like any other vehicle merging onto the road. The other cars slowed down to make room but stayed close to the plane, despite not knowing if there was some kind of imminent danger.

Once the plane touched down, the pilot steered it over to the shoulder of the road. With the way ahead clear, drivers moved into the open lanes and passed the aircraft. No one seemed to care much about the small plane that had just landed in front of them. Later, firefighters arrived on the scene, and a truck came to tow away the plane, according to Radio Canada.